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CONTAKT build: construction progress at a glance with the lean app & software.

Gone are the days of mountains of paperwork and obsolete construction site data. CONTAKT is a proactive solution for planning your team’s tasks and monitoring real-time data from the construction site. Sensors attached to the formwork are key to this process as they record any changes in position, location or temperature of the concrete. This data is continuously updated and transferred to the software, where it is combined with data in the app to deliver valuable insights for the analysis of your construction site. This information can help you determine when you can strip the formwork, for example.

CONTAKT Daily Planning

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From digital schedule plannung to team management: Features at a glance.

A valuable planning tool.

Foremen always used to have to plan the next construction steps by hand. Today, CONTAKT build is a smart tool that supports you at every stage of the construction process. The digital scheduling feature relies on the data from a 3D building model. You can define the different tasks, for example, by clicking on and positioning concrete joints. CONTAKT build also allows you to keep a constant eye on resource management. Real-time utilisation of material and manpower are clearly presented, for example:

  • Formwork m²/h
  • Concreting m³/h
  • Formwork utilisation m³/day & m³/week
  • Concrete consumption m³/day & m³/week

A whole week’s worth of work can be planned in a matter of minutes. The software also works out exactly how much concrete needs to be ordered, too. What’s more, the software and app let you monitor and track construction progress every step of the way. Any time. Any place.

Benefits at a glance:

Making light work of hard work

  • Automatic calculation of volumes needed (e.g. concrete volume)
  • Construction documentation
  • Real-time overview of construction progress at any time of day or night

A practical tool for your daily briefing.

Planning is the basis for the next step: your daily team briefing. This is where teams are assigned their individual tasks and given important information, such as the magnitude of the tasks or when the concrete will be poured. The team also uses the daily briefing to agree on the day’s objectives that need to be achieved. CONTAKT build is the perfect tool to support you in these key communication processes.

Benefits at a glance:

Increases quality of work

  • Tool-based coordination and communication
  • Clearly defined and organised process
  • Effective distribution and clear assignment of tasks
  • Easier collaboration with sub-contractors due to a shared communication and planning tool
Digital construction diary - CONTAKT GmbH

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Keep track of all tasks in the app.

The CONTAKT app displays all of the day’s tasks in one clear summary. This allows team leaders to keep track of all jobs for that day, such as formwork that needs stripping down. Tasks in progress, tasks on hold and completed tasks can all be recorded in the lean app. A supplementary feature allows you to confirm specific steps for quality assurance purposes and upload supporting images. You can also export data and elements out of the lean app for use in a site logbook.

Benefits at a glance:

Real-time construction progress tracking with the lean app

  • Real-time overview of schedule status
  • Efficient team communication due to perfectly organised task assignment and completion
  • Pictures and comments can be transferred from the app to the software
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Team management

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