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CONTAKT hub: proactive project management & monitoring of in situ concreting process.

The key to a successful construction project is keeping your eye on everything. This is where CONTAKT hub comes into its own! This innovative tool provides real, previously hidden data about the in situ concreting process on your construction site, thus facilitating your decision-making. It reveals any leverage that can be used to achieve continual improvement. It highlights sources of error that jeopardise productivity, so that these trouble spots can be quickly eliminated. At the same time, time-consuming phone calls purely to relay information are kept to a minimum. Based on lean principles, CONTAKT provides a link between the theoretical plan and physical progress. Centered around the elements of planning, measuring and site supervision, the intuitive methodology guide you through a construction project based on lean best practices, without you having to be trained in lean principles.

Construction site overview & monitoring.

The CONTAKT hub platform collects all key data relating to the in situ concreting process, which, combined with the KPIs that the construction team entered, gives you everything you need to conduct necessary analysis. This allows you to see the current status at any time, providing you with a precise snapshot of progress on your construction site If you need to intervene, you can do so immediately. If there’s deviation from the plan, you can instantly adjust to bring things back on track. Queries and site visits are kept to a minimum, freeing up time for you to focus on your core tasks.

Monitoring of the construction site via app - CONTAKT GmbH

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Proactive construction site management.

CONTAKT hub also provides a real-time monitoring cockpit for your construction site -any place, any time. The cockpit provides the following data:

Performance data.

  • Construction progress, in volume
  • Construction progress, in components

Team data.

  • Man-hours per day
  • Team-hours per week

Productivity data.

  • Formwork m²/h
  • Concreting m³/h
  • Formwork utilisation m³/day and m³/week
  • Concrete consumption m³/day and m³/week

Anytime anyplace access to the database allows you to export all performance data to an Excel report. You can also create weekly and monthly reports using the export feature. CONTAKT hub lets you keep a precise track of the number of hours worked by a specific team, recognise capacity bottlenecks before they happen and put counteractive measures in place. Daily figures tracking the construction progress enable you to proactively manage the site.

Projektsteuerung mit CONTAKT hub - CONTAKT GmbH

Benefits at a glance:

  • Your construction project and progress at a glance
  • Manipulation-proof sensor data and data provided by the construction team provide a sound basis for analysis and decision-making
  • Clearly defined milestones
  • Deviations from plan recorded
  • More accurate quotations and work planning due to more precise estimation of manpower needed
  • Sources of error exposed
  • Time savings due to transparency
  • More focused procedures
  • Proactive site management by tracking man-hours and identifying capacity bottlenecks
  • Anytime anyplace database access
  • Data export to a weekly or monthly Excel report


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