Building with CONTAKT: the project process and methodology.

Different challenges, schedules and resources – every construction project is unique. Yet every construction site has the potential to be managed more smartly, thanks to CONTAKT. The construction site planning software and app let you keep track of the progress of your construction site project.

How does CONTAKT work?

The following steps need to be carried out before you can start working with CONTAKT solutions:

1.) Establish a 3D building model
A 3D model of your construction project is a prerequisite for carrying out a project using CONTAKT.

2.) Connection to the CONTAKT platform
The planning data is uploaded onto the CONTAKT platform in IFC format.

3.) Digitalisation of the construction site
Man-power and material planning will be transferred to CONTAKT and a CONTAKT sensor attached to the formwork. The site is now ‘digitalised’ and construction can commence with CONTAKT.

4.) Team training
The whole team – including the construction site manager, foreman and site supervisor – will be trained in the use of CONTAKT.

Übersicht der Baustellenplaner Software - CONTAKT GmbH

Construction site plannung software & app: Use & functionality.

Once the construction project has been started, the planning software continuously collects data and feeds it into the app:

  • Schedule planning with CONTAKT build

Schedule planning is carried out in CONTAKT build. The tasks that CONTAKT build generates are immediately dispatched to the team by the CONTAKT app.

  • CONTAKT sensors gather data

The CONTAKT sensor continually transmits data regarding formwork utilisation, measures the temperature and calculates the strength of the concrete.

  • All data at a glance

Finally, all data gathered by CONTAKT build, the CONTAKT app and CONTAKT sensors is pooled together in CONTAKT hub.

Taktplanung mit der Baustellenplaner App - CONTAKT GmbH

The CONTAKT methodology.

CONTAKT is the perfect symbiosis of sensor technology, software, platform and app. And the CONTAKT methodology is a best-practice workflow for optimised construction site management. It is a methodology that defines shell construction according to lean principles. Whereas the last planner system is usually used to coordinate the different skilled man-power needed to finish a construction, shell construction requires the meticulously scheduled production of in-situ concrete and (semi-)prefabricated elements. This calls for expertise in both formwork and BIM (building information modelling).
According to lean construction principles, the perfectly managed construction site is one where the tasks of the different contractors are smoothly synchronised and carried out on time. In an ideal world, the process is organised according to the ‘pull’ principle. The building model provides primary information about the work involved. This rough estimation is continuously revised until it becomes an accurate basis that can be used to divide the workload into distinct tasks over the coming weeks. The better these are visualised, the easier it is for them to be logged in the app and carried out. Furthermore, regular, repetitive tasks offer the potential for continuous improvement. When top-down construction scheduling is combined with bottom-up feedback, optimisation measures can be put into place.

CONTAKT is the missing link between lean methods, model-based processes and sensor technology.

CONTAKT is the missing link between lean methods, model-based processes and sensor technology.


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