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Digital construction site management. Smart and dependable.

The innovative Sitelife construction site software enables you to

  • PLAN digital and continuous
  • TRACK and
    your construction project and all trades digitally from the initial project phase right up to delivery. Optimise and digitise the construction of building construction, civil engineering and infrastructure projects.


Sitelife is a user-friendly, intuitive tool that enables you to digitally plan, track and analyse your construction projects on a central web platform. The smart interaction with BIM (building information modeling), as well as the use of PDF plans and lean construction methods, is a critical lever for optimising the performance of your construction site.

Sitelife has streamlined the construction process into three modules – PLANNING, TRACKING and ANALYSING– based on the PDCA (plan, do, check, act) method that has proved its worth the world over.

The sub-areas DOCUMENTATION and ANALYSIS Basic are already available to you.


Construction site diary.

Record all your construction data digitally!

The construction site diary allows you to digitally record the day’s output, any problems or delays encountered, and other key incidents directly on the model. Additionally, you can benefit from our model-based performance recording as well as from performance recordings based on various kinds of tender specifications and bills of quantities - even without a model.

All digital documentation in the construction site diary is compliant with HOAI 2021 and the Austrian standard B 2110 (regulations on architects’ and engineers’fees). Additionally, all your data is stored in a single software program and can be accessed automatically by the ‘Analysis’ module.

Additional for pioneers:
Interaction with the Building Information Model (BIM)

Construction site diary

Highlights: construction site diary.

  • Digital record of work performed and equipment used on the site
  • Save time using streamlined, digital approval processes and inclusion of the site supervisor (ÖBA)
  • Viewer feature enables data to be shared with key people involved in the construction project can be linked to cost specifications
  • Control function for external partners e.g. building owner.
Additional work report

Additional work report.

Record additional time and materials!

If the scheduled work requires any additional time and materials, these can be recorded simply using a standardised format in the additional work report. Record how many hours were worked on scheduled tasks, when, and by whom – allowing daily reports to be compiled within mere minutes.


Highlights: additional work report.

  • Can be linked to specification, costing, and invoicing systems
  • Save time using streamlined, digital approval processes and involvement of the site supervisor

Data analysis Basic.

Gain new insights.

Sitelife’s real-time data analysis feature, combined with digital documents, enables you to recognise opportunities and capacities at a glance – with no extra work! The continual comparison between documented and actual activities in relation to the construction data model keeps you informed of the current state of progress on site. In the event of deviation, actions can be taken immediately to ensure the success of the project.

Datenanalyse Basic

Highlights: data analysis.

  • Decision-making based on reliable data
  • Interactive construction-related data analysis
  • Real-time data ensures short response times
  • Reference data for future projects

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