Knowledge = Data + Information

Knowledge = Data + Information


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Construction projects are always unique.

Construction time, weather and complexity are just some of the varying production conditions on the construction site. This makes knowledge about the optimal interaction of production factors all the more important in order to be able to make an accurate selection of them. Knowledge is not simply given, it has to be generated. Acquired knowledge has the special property that it multiplies through division.

Recognising repetitive processes

Despite the constantly varying production conditions, there are processes and activities that are always repeated, depending on the type of structure. With regard to reinforced concrete work, such processes would be forming, reinforcing and concreting. These processes must be collected, compared and optimised. The manual collection of current data is characterised by high resource requirements and is rarely, if ever, carried out.

Data processing

Through the use of digital aids - such as sensor technology - data and information can be systematically generated. Comprehensible documentation and subjective assessments of the situation by the persons involved play a major role. Through subjective assessment, additional information is collected that cannot be captured by automated data collection. Further measures for the meaningful processing of data are:

  • systematic sorting out
  • conversion to key figures
  • resource-efficient storage
  • retrievable custody
  • interchangeability with other systems
  • linking with the BIM model

It is only through the correct supply of data with contextual information that valuable knowledge is created. Only then does the added value for the current as well as future projects emerge.

Development through experience

The knowledge gained from experience is the "gold" of every construction company. If this knowledge is not systematically recorded, it disappears from the project or the company when the employee leaves. The generation of knowledge from data and information will be decisive in the future in order to survive the competition in the construction industry and to climb to the top of the knowledge ladder.
Author: Paul Ohrwalder, Analyst CONTAKT GmbH

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