How is the construction industry changing?

How is the construction industry changing?


How is the construction industry changing?
Paul Arzberger, Construction Management Consultant (CONTAKT GmbH)

Construction sites are changing dramatically due to a lack of skilled workers, the constant evolution of technology in the field of building materials, and a significant increase in the amount of documentation required.
This, together with the fact that each project involves a new combination of subcontractors, makes it increasingly difficult to keep track of who has to do what, by when, with what material and in which part of the building.
Each subcontractor manages its own requirements and overlaps with other subcontractors as agreed in weekly meetings. However, the information agreed in these weekly meetings is usually only valid for one day at most, due to changes in plans and material or personnel bottlenecks. Inter-trade communication takes many hours or doesn't take place at all, which means that existing capacities are eaten up with waiting time.

Many attempts at digitalisation have failed because they have brought additional work with them. Our aim is for Sitelife software to benefit the construction site team by reducing their work load through the use of technology.

We see two major benefits here: Firstly, better planning, allowing different companies to coordinate tasks using an up-to-date model, thereby avoiding idle time and overload. And secondly, documentation, turning something that is required by law into a benefit. By having everything in one place, important parameters such as progress or material requirements are clear, approval of work doesn't have to be searched for manually, weeks later, and photos don't have to be sorted by hand.

The outcome? Experts can fully concentrate on their core competence and that´s construction.

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