Launch your first construction project.

The first step is always easy. At least, it is with CONTAKT! We offer you help every step of the way with your first pilot project. How we guarantee your success in three easy steps:

Expanding knowledge:

  • The first step entails familiarising your construction site team with the tools. This includes training on the intuitive software to allow your team to maximise their performance during the construction project. We also give them a detailed explanation of the lean concepts so that they get off to the best start.

Gathering knowledge:

  • All the data gathered during the pilot project will be stored in the CONTAKT software.

Implementing knowledge:

  • Results are immediate. These initial insights give a valuable overview of the construction projects and can be used to identify the necessary next steps.
Projekt starten mit CONTAKT - CONTAKT GmbH

Gain maximum potential with CONTAKT.

There’s more to CONTAKT than meets the eye! Are you looking for advice on...
...extending the project duration over the complete shell construction phase to reflect the entire concrete construction project?
...including CONTAKT topics in internal training courses or workshops for your staff?
...setting up interfaces in your CAD system?
...quotation tools or project planning tools?
...rolling CONTAKT solutions out across the board so that you can reap the full potential?

If so, we’ll be happy to help!


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