With CONTAKT and Sitelife to digital and model-based process planning.

With CONTAKT and Sitelife to digital and model-based process planning.


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Digitalisation and optimisation across the entire construction process

In March 2021, CONTAKT GmbH and b.i.m.m. GmbH decided to join forces with the Sitelife solution. The aim is to combine lean methods, supplemented by the optimal use of BIM, in order to digitally control and document construction projects - in every phase from planning to execution.

Sitelife's digital construction report, the digital schedule planning CONTAKT build and the performance monitoring tool CONTAKT hub complement each other perfectly and thus enable seamless and digital handling and documentation of the various construction phases.

This is what you can expect!

  • BIM2field2BIM: The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) on the construction site is now becoming increasingly popular. With BIM2field2BIM, CONTAKT and Sitelife go one step further. The models and data are used and enriched directly on the construction site and in the construction container. Necessary changes or information on construction progress are thus immediately reported back to headquarters. The construction processes thus become 100% digital, transparent and clear.

  • Schedule planning and controll: The cycles are planned and coordinated in CONTAKT build according to lean criteria so that the construction site team has a clear and digital overview of the upcoming tasks and is aware of every step.

  • Digital documentation: The construction progress is recorded in real time with the CONTAKT app and measured fully automatically with the CONTAKT sensors. The use of modern IoT thus enables perfect on-site documentation for digital progress measurement and construction reports.

  • Data analysis and productivity enhancement: The collected data is analysed in the CONTAKT hub dashboard and forms the basis for better and faster decisions.

The products CONTAKT hub, CONTAKT build and Sitelife now interlock seamlessly. Benefit from time and cost savings through:

  • Digitisation of construction site planning and documentation processes

  • Intuitive and simple documentation via app and digital construction report

  • Performance monitoring

As cooperation partners, we primarily offer our products jointly and focus on the digitalisation of the construction industry.

Learn more about our solutions here!

"CONTAKT stands for open BIM, lean methods (without always having to call them that) and solutions that put the construction site team and the place of value creation before the offices of the administration."

Dr. Lucas Johannes Winter
Managing Director CONTAKT GmbH

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