CONTAKT GmbH: Vision & philosophy.

Population growth. Urbanisation. Housing shortages. And all this is accompanied by a lack of productivity in the construction industry. Today’s context is extremely complex. The CONTAKT GmbH team considers this complexity not only as a challenge, but also as an urgent reason to act. We are convinced that there is a way of providing everyone in the world with affordable housing – and we want to play a significant role in this. With our solutions we want to digitalise the construction industry. We want our knowledge to drive the evolution of planning, constructing and commissioning processes forward. We want to drive the revolution of the construction sector. This was what pushed us to develop Sitelife and CONTAKT build & hub. Designed by experts, for experts. To make construction processes competitive. To avoid idle efforts. To motivate people. To drive innovation forwards. Because the future is well under way.

Courage: The most important tool.

Many people freeze when faced with fear and uncertainty. Construction projects come to a standstill. Dreams collect dust on the shelf. And this is what we actively want to change with our solutions! We motivate companies to take their future into their own hands. Sitelife and CONTAKT build & hub help you make your existing business more profitable, or use the new data to develop innovative business models. Yet through all of this, the core element remains constant: people. At the end of the day, it’s the people on a construction site that lay the foundations and make sure everything is correctly in place. They are the true heroes here, simply helped along with software and solutions. What every hero needs is courage. Only when companies have the courage to venture off the beaten track, welcome new concepts and view digitalisation as an opportunity can we contribute to their success. Only then can performance be quantified. Only then can learning happen. And only then is there a connection between the real and the virtual and between man and buildings.

The foundations for tomorrow's buildings.

Our vision is to use the collected data from our technologies to fully digitise construction projects, to identify potential and to make errors visible. To this end, we provide companies with a powerful tool – a digital construction site roadmap that helps them determine the best path towards their goal and avoid bottlenecks. And although the choice of production techniques is vast today – in-situ concrete, mobile prefabricated constructions, 3D printing – they all have one thing in common: every project needs a production plan and a solid concept. CONTAKT plays a pivotal role in this because the data we’re collecting today will flow into the foundation of tomorrow’s buildings.


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